How to Use the Materials

How to Use the Materials

You can use any materials from Human Pictogram 2.0 for web designs, DTP designs, business document such as PowerPoint Excel and Word files or maybe illustrations in a book. But you may not distribute nor sell materails alone.

See here for more about the copyright

data format

We provide Adobe Illustrator Ai, transparent PNG and JPG for each material.
You can edit, alter and change materials so I recommend you to use Ai file and edit it with Adobe Illustrator. I saved Ai files for version 8 since I haven’t added any special effects.

To make it quick and easy, use JPG files. And if you want transparent background, pick PNG files.

You can change size without making it look worse. vector data for designers.

When you want transparent background, use PNG.

When you do it quick and easy, use JPG.

Vector data is downloaded in a Zip file so unzip it after downloaded.
Right-click and save it as an image, or drag it to your local disc for bitmap files.

Most of the pictogram designs have variations.

There are variations with different colors, different combinations or with different attachments. By downloading the data or clicking PNG and JPG buttons, check out the variations.
Download, unzip the pictogram materials and enjoy editing them in your own way!


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