Copyright / FAQ

Da-Yama from TopeconHeroes owns the copyrights for all the material on this website. But these may be used for free. You don’t have to inform me when you use. You don’t have to add copyright line on the design either. Please feel free to use these materials for your web designs, DTP designs, business document, flyers, brochures, signs and so on. Of course, these are about the designs I made but not the original pictogram designs recognized as public domain.

Check out these 4 don’ts

– Don’t sell materials from this website alone even if you’ve changed colors and/or parts of them.
– Don’t distribute materials from this website through storage websites like this.
– Don’t file any of the materials for trademark registrations like as logos since other designers including Da-Yama won’t be able to use them. (When you really want to do, use them just as a part of it, or make a vast change.)
– Don’t use the material on line and show it as a direct link because the server will be overloaded.


Should we inform you when I use one of your material?

No. You don’t have to.

May I change some parts of your material when I use?

Yes, you may.

May I use these materials for business?

If you don’t do all don’ts above, yes.

May I use your material in a software, game and as icons in applications?

Yes, you may.

May I use the material for book cover or illustrations in books?

Yes, you may.

May I use the materials in brochures and flyers to sell and circulate?

Yes, you may.

We want to use the material as merch design such as T-shirts.

Basically, it is OK to use but if you use the material as the whole design and file for trademark registration, the others won’t be able to use then. So when you use, please use them as a part of the whole design or make a vast change.


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